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Dental Trauma Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

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What Is a Traumatic Dental Injury?

A traumatic dental injury is caused by some type of force applied to one or more teeth that causes damage. The damage is sometimes obvious and other times the results of the damage show up later. When the root canal or dental pulp is affected by the trauma, it can cause the tooth to deteriorate from the inside. The tooth may need endodontic treatment to be saved.

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Procedures Offered

The following are common procedures and treatments for traumatic dental injuries:

Tooth knocked loose. Dental trauma can lead to a dislodged tooth that is loose or out of place, but still attached. We can reposition the tooth and provide stabilization until the support structures are able to heal and provide more stability. The tooth may need root canal therapy if there is evidence of damage to the dental pulp.

Tooth knocked out. If a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth, it is important to act quickly to save the tooth. For a permanent tooth, carefully handle the tooth by the crown only and avoid touching the roots. Rinse the tooth with water (plug the drain) and attempt to put it back in the socket. Bite down on some gauze or a clean cloth to stabilize the tooth. If you can’t get the tooth back in the socket, place it in a glass of saliva or milk. Contact us right away and we will provide further instructions. A tooth must not remain out of the mouth for too long or it won’t be able to be saved. 

Apexogenesis. When the roots of a tooth are underdeveloped, apexogenesis encourages them to grow and develop as they should. Infected dental pulp tissue may need to be removed and a filling material placed in the root canal to encourage growth of the roots. 

Apexification. Trauma to a tooth can cause the root canal walls to fail to develop properly, putting the tooth at risk of fracture. During apexification the damaged dental pulp is removed and a material is placed in the root canal that blocks bacteria from entering the root canal until it is able to heal.

Why Choose Las Vegas Endodontics?

Traumatic dental injuries often require endodontic treatment to save the tooth. The chances of a tooth being saved after an injury are increased when you get treatment from an experienced endodontist. Las Vegas Endodontics provides prompt and thorough treatment for a tooth that has been damaged or that is weakened after a traumatic injury. We can provide the necessary treatment and procedures to restore your tooth or teeth so that they will remain healthy and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traumatic Injuries

How long can a tooth stay out of your mouth and still be saved?
The average timeframe for putting a tooth back in place is 30 minutes. The tooth must remain moist, preferably in saliva or milk, until it can be put back in the socket. If you can get it back into the socket yourself, that is the best option until you can have the tooth professionally treated.
Should you put a baby tooth back in the socket if it gets knocked out?
No, you should not attempt to put a knocked out baby tooth back in the socket. It could damage the permanent tooth beneath it, so it is recommended that you leave it out but keep it moist until your child can get treatment.
How does an injury affect the inside of a tooth?
Even if the tooth looks and feels fine after an injury, there could be internal damage that you can’t see. An injury to the dental pulp could cause the blood vessels in the pulp to lose their blood supply, which can mean root canal therapy or other endodontic treatment could be necessary.
How do you know if a tooth needs endodontic treatment after an injury?
If there is pain resonating from the tooth or if the tooth becomes discolored, it may have internal damage to the pulp. Discoloration comes from bleeding inside the tooth and pain comes from infection or nerve damage.
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