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What Is an Apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy is a surgical endodontic procedure to treat the root of the tooth. The root of the tooth must be accessed beneath the gum tissue. The tip of the root is removed along with any damaged tissue around it. A cap is placed over the tip of the root to prevent bacteria from entering the root canal. The root and the surrounding gum and bone tissue will then be able to heal.

Benefits of an Apicoectomy

An apicoectomy offers many benefits: 

  • Save the tooth. The biggest benefit of getting an apicoectomy is that it may save your tooth. When there is damaged tissue and infection at the base of the root, surgical treatment is sometimes the only option. By removing diseased tissue and repairing and sealing the root, the tooth may be fully restored. 
  • Prevent reinfection. An apicoectomy seals the tip of the root to prevent bacteria from getting inside the tooth and causing an infection. 
  • Treat the surrounding tissues. A tooth infection can often spread to the gum tissue, ligaments, and bone that support the tooth. An apicoectomy allows access to the underlying tissues in order to treat the infection. 
  • Relieve pain. Treating the infection will reduce the pain that you feel from inflammation and irritation. 

Why Choose Las Vegas Endodontics?

Our goal is always to save your tooth whenever possible. We believe in the benefits of preserving the natural teeth and keeping them in place for your lifetime. Our skilled doctors and endodontic team have the experience and knowledge to recommend the best endodontic treatment to save your tooth and to carry out that treatment effectively for the highest chance of a successful outcome.

Are You a Good Candidate for an Apicoectomy?

If you’ve had unsuccessful root canal therapy, you may be a good candidate for an apicoectomy. Getting under the gum tissue can uncover problems that may be the cause of the infection, allowing those areas to be treated and repaired to clear up the existing infection and prevent reinfection. A tooth that continues to cause pain after being treated with non-surgical procedures may need a more in-depth approach to provide a long term solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apicoectomies

What can I expect after an apicoectomy?
Common symptoms following an apicoectomy are similar to those you might experience after any other oral surgery. You may have swelling and tenderness at the sight of the incision that should subside after a few days. Over the counter pain medication is typically sufficient to manage any discomfort you may experience. Please contact us if you have persistent pain.
What is the success rate of apicoectomies?
Varying sources report the success rate of an apicoectomy to be anywhere from 80-90%. The success of the procedure depends on a number of factors from the precision of the doctor performing the procedure to the oral hygiene habits of the patient. Our apicoectomy success rate is high when our patients follow our instructions for after care.
Can I have the problem tooth extracted?
Any dentist can extract a tooth. You come to us so that we can save your tooth. Extracting a tooth requires that tooth to be replaced, otherwise the other teeth will shift out of place. Treating your natural tooth so that it can remain in place will cost you less.
What kind of anesthesia is required for an apicoectomy?
The procedure can be done using local anesthesia to numb the area. If you are nervous or anxious about the procedure, sedation options are available to help you relax.
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