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GentleWave® Root Canal Treatment in Las Vegas

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What Is the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure?

The GentleWave Ultracleaning procedure is an advanced method of root canal therapy. It cleans out the root canal of the tooth using a combination of fluids and sound waves that are capable of reaching the smallest, even microscopic spaces inside the tooth. GentleWave technology is highly effective and less invasive than traditional root canal therapy. 

Benefits of the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure

The GentleWave procedure has many advantages over traditional root canal therapy: 

  • More effective. Through use of GentleWave technology we have found that it is more effective than traditional endodontic treatments. 
  • Less postoperative pain. Patients experience reduced postoperative pain than with traditional endodontic treatments. 
  • Less filling material required. The GentleWave procedure requires less filling material than traditional root canal therapy. 
  • Removes less tooth structure. GentleWave allows for less of the tooth structure to be removed, which helps the tooth to remain stronger with reduced risk of vertical tooth fracture. 
  • Minimize time in the dental chair. The GentleWave process is efficient, meaning you’ll spend less time in the dental chair.
GentleWave Device

Why Choose Las Vegas Endodontics?

GentleWave technology is a revolutionary procedure in the field of endodontics. Not every endodontic practice offers this option for root canal therapy, but Las Vegas Endodontic does because we believe in making your experience as positive as possible. We pride ourselves on offering the latest procedures to give you the best chance of saving your tooth in the most comfortable way.

Are You a Good Candidate for the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure?

The GentleWave Ultracleaning procedure may be something you should consider if you have one or more teeth in need of treatment. It is less invasive than traditional root canal therapy and offers a higher chance of a successful outcome. If you’re in need of root canal therapy or especially if you’re in need of endodontic retreatment, the GentleWave Ultracleaning procedure may be the best option for you. We can perform a simple evaluation to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for GentleWave technology.

Frequently Asked Questions About GentleWave

Does the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure hurt?
Local anesthesia is typically sufficient to prevent you from feeling any discomfort during the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure. If you have concerns, sedation options are available to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.
Is the GentleWave Procedure covered by insurance?
Because it is a new technology, Gentlewave may not be covered by insurance at the current time. You can contact your insurance provider to inquire about the procedure and whether or not it would be covered. The out of pocket cost can be financed to help make it more affordable.
How does GentleWave technology work?
The GentleWave Procedure uses proprietary Multisonic Ultracleaning® technology, combining fluid dynamics and broad spectrum acoustic energy to clean and disinfect the root canal system.
How does the GentleWave procedure differ from the traditional root canal procedure?
The process is essentially the same. The only major difference is the way the infected tissue and the rest of the dental pulp is removed. The entire process is shorter because the GentleWave technology is more efficient at cleaning the tooth.
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