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Apicoectomy vs. Root Canal

Root canals and apicoectomies are common endodontic procedures that restore infected, decayed, or severely damaged teeth to good health, thereby preserving the natural tooth and its roots. However, there are significant differences between the two procedures. Here’s everything to know about an apicoectomy vs. root canals. Surgical vs. Nonsurgical Endodontic Treatment The most notable difference […]

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What is Endodontic Retreatment?

For many patients, endodontic treatment is all that is needed to save a natural tooth and allow healing to occur. However, sometimes — whether right away or in the future — the tooth may require more attention.    Endodontic retreatment is another step that an endodontist can take to save the tooth. But what is […]

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What To Expect After An Apicoectomy

Are you having an apicoectomy? As your appointment day approaches, you may be wondering what you can expect after the treatment. Here is everything you need to know.  What is an Apicoectomy? An apicoectomy is an endodontic surgery that focuses on the apex of your tooth — the end of the tooth’s root.  The procedure […]

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How Long Can You Go Without Getting A Root Canal?

Has your dentist or endodontist recommended a root canal as part of your dental treatment? If so, it often means you have a tooth with an infection that has spread into the inner area where the pulp and soft tissues are found.    If this is left untreated, the infection can spread.     So, what […]

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What Is An Apicoectomy?

When you have decay and infection that has reached the innermost part of a tooth, often a root canal is all that is needed to give you relief and help the tooth heal. For some, however, the pain may arise again. And, when it does, your dentist may suggest having an apicoectomy.    What is […]

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Can I Get a Root Canal While Pregnant?

Patients who need root canal treatment may not always schedule the procedure right away. There are various reasons a patient in need of a root canal might postpone treatment.   Sometimes, patients avoid needed treatment due to dental anxiety. However, others might delay treatment because they've fallen prey to certain myths.   A common misconception […]

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Can A Knocked Out Tooth Be Saved?

From motor vehicle accidents to sports injuries, there are various ways your teeth can be knocked out.   You may be able to save a tooth when this happens. By taking proper action right away and seeking emergency endodontic care, you could avoid permanent tooth loss. Keep reading for more information. What to Do When […]

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The Return of F1 to The Strip: A Preview of the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Racing fans who live in Las Vegas or plan on visiting America’s entertainment capital in the near future may be pleased to learn that Formula 1 is returning to the Las Vegas Strip in 2023. Specifically, from November 16 to November 18, Formula 1 racers will compete in the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas […]

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The Las Vegas Sphere: Revolutionizing Entertainment in Sin City

There’s no shortage of entertainment options in Las Vegas. However, the Sphere at the Venetian Resort (which some refer to simply as the “Las Vegas Sphere”) is a unique entertainment venue that may stand out among the already very impressive competition. Keep reading to learn more about how the Sphere will leverage innovative technology and […]

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3 Signs You Need A Root Canal

You may need root canal therapy if your tooth’s pulp becomes infected due to significant decay, dental trauma, or other such factors. The following guide will help you better determine whether you should schedule an appointment to learn if root canal treatment is necessary for your tooth. What Does a Root Canal Involve? Root canal […]

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How Does An Endodontist Repair A Cracked Tooth?

There are many issues that can affect your teeth and gums, but one of the more concerning problems to have is a cracked tooth. Cracks can affect both the appearance and function of teeth, ruining your smile and also making it harder to chew, speak, and perform other activities with your mouth. Furthermore, cracked teeth […]

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How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

Do you have a tooth that hurts or has significant decay or damage? Teeth are susceptible to infection of the dental pulp, the soft tissue at the center of each tooth. An infected tooth or a tooth that is at risk of infection can be treated with a root canal. In many cases a root […]

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3 Myths About Root Canals | Las Vegas

While there are many different dental treatments when you experience tooth pain, one of the most effective dental solutions is a root canal. This treatment requires an experienced endodontist to cut into a tooth in order to extract infected pulp. For the vast majority of patients, root canal treatments can save teeth even when a […]

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What is GentleWave and What are the Benefits?

GentleWave is an innovative technology that is revolutionizing endodontic treatment. Root canal therapy is a common procedure to treat an infected or at-risk tooth. While traditional root canal procedures are effective, GentleWave increases the effectiveness and improves outcomes for patients, making it more likely that the tooth can be saved and will remain healthy for […]

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