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What Is An Apicoectomy?

October 24, 2023
What Is An Apicoectomy

When you have decay and infection that has reached the innermost part of a tooth, often a root canal is all that is needed to give you relief and help the tooth heal. For some, however, the pain may arise again. And, when it does, your dentist may suggest having an apicoectomy


What is it? And why do you need it? We have your answers to all your apicoectomy questions. 

What is an Apicoectomy? 

Naturally, each tooth has at least one root, with molars having two or more roots. These roots play a role in holding your teeth in place as they extend down into the jaw bone. At the very bottom tip of the root is where you will find the apex.


An apicoectomy is referred to as root-end surgery because it involves the removal of this apex. 


Sometimes it is needed on its own when an infection is present —- and sometimes it is done after root canal therapy if an infection persists. Your dentist will be able to do an examination and determine the best course of treatment. 


Keep in mind that root-end surgery is not always the answer. For instance, if your endodontist sees that the root is fused together with the jaw bone, an apicoectomy cannot be performed and an extraction may be the best option. 


The goal of an endodontist is always to save the tooth and an apicoectomy is just one of the tools they use to protect it. 

The Apicoectomy Procedure

Root canal therapy removes the infection from the roots of the tooth by clearing them out. But it does not remove the roots. Regardless of how thorough the dentist is, sometimes the infection remains since there are so many tiny canals where it can hide. 


An apicoectomy will involve going in through the gum next to the tooth as your endodontist begins looking for any tissue that is inflamed. The infection will be cleared out and the apex, the tip of the tooth’s root, will be removed. 


Once clear, the root will be sealed using a small filling and the gums will be closed up. 


The entire apicoectomy procedure should take about an hour, though complex cases may require a little extra time. When performed by an experienced endodontist, having root end surgery should be relatively easy with no pain or discomfort during the treatment. 

Recovery and Healing After an Apicoectomy

After an apicoectomy, your dentist will provide you with recovery instructions. For the most part, recovery and healing after this procedure are rather easy. Most people will find their way back to their normal daily routines the very next day – without over-exerting themselves, of course. 


There will be changes to your diet and oral hygiene routines, and certain steps you should adhere to when it comes to things like swelling and discomfort. Follow the advice of your endodontist. And, if you have any questions, always reach out. 

Apicoectomies at Las Vegas Endodontics

When you need an apicoectomy, you want the very best. And, with the highly skilled and trained specialists at Las Vegas Endodontics, that is exactly what you will find. We provide a comprehensive list of endodontic services to meet the needs of those in and around Las Vegas. 


If you want to learn more about apicoectomies or need to schedule your procedure, contact us today at 702-876-5800. Or, request an appointment online. 

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