What is the GentleWave Ultracleaning procedure?

The GentleWave System uses a newly innovated technology to create a vortex of cleaning fluids that travel through your root canal system.   Along the way, acoustic energy helps remove the tissue and debris that causes infection. Unlike standard root canal treatments, the GentleWave Procedure is able to reach all throughout your tooth—even in the microscopic places where bacteria can hide. 

How does this compare to a traditional root canal?  How will it affect me?

We use the GentleWave system in our office because it cleans the inside of the tooth significantly better than conventional methods.  Our doctors have been using the GentleWave system for several months and we have noticed better outcomes, a better prognosis, and less post-operative pain when compared to conventional endodontic treatment.  One of the biggest advantages of this system is that it allows for less instrumentation (or filing) of the tooth.  This will reduce time spent in the dental chair and minimize the amount of tooth structure removed which will ultimately reduce the risk of vertical root fracture in the future.  Basically, it helps to preserve root strength over the tooth.

Does it hurt?

Use of standard local anesthetic is usually sufficient to eliminate any discomfort you may feel during the operation of the GentleWave system.   If you do feel any discomfort during treatment, your doctor will stop treatment and administer more anesthetic until you feel comfortable.  After treatment, we find that using the GentleWave system significantly reduces postoperative discomfort as well. 

Do I need it?

The GentleWave Ultracleaning procedure is completely optional.  You should be made aware that conventional root canal therapy is more invasive to tooth structure than the Gentle Wave system is.  Conventional treatment also has a lower chance of getting the tooth 100% clean.  You may also have slightly more postoperative discomfort when compared to the GentleWave system.  Not all teeth are candidates for Gentle Wave treatment so eligibility would be determined by your endodontist.  A brochure explaining GentleWave can be found at our front desk, but if you would like additional information please feel free to ask your assistant when you are seated in the operatory.

We are very proud to be able to offer this level of care to our patients. Dr. Hansen, Dr. Brizzee and    Dr. Barborka are trained in the use of the GentleWave System and will answer any questions you may have about this exciting new technology.